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“No one can do everything that he’d wanted to. The key lies in choosing: sometimes the chance does that for you, sometimes it’s your personal decision, a third party, the fate … The important thing is to have done the best I could. Surely there is no life after death, but for sure there is a life before death, and it must be built as rich as we can.”
Jean-Claude Carrière

Plástico fantástico. Un calendario ilustrado
16 pag. 14X21cm. Couché 300g
PVP: 9€

La versión premium estará a la venta a partir del 19 de septiembre 2011.
La versión freemium estará online a partir del 6 de enero 2012.
The premium version will be available from September 19, 2011. Freemium version will be online from January 6, 2012.

Sometimes Gaël dreams and gets frightened…

Gaël. Children’s Book to be released this winter.

“The idea is to maintain the price or make it cheaper. The customer does not agree to buy if the price is too high. The challenge is to make products more sustainable and more accessible.”
Camila Valverde (Head of Walmart Sustainability Brazil),19781,walmart-detalhes-do-maior-projeto-de-sustentabilidade-do-varejo.htm

“My parents didn’t talk about where food came from.”
Megan McWilliams (Journalist)

Himmel, ach! so ruft man aus,
Wenn uns schlecht geworden.
Himmel will verdienen sich
Pfaff- und Ritterorden.

Ihren Himmel finden viel’
In dem Weltgetümmel;
Jugend unter Tanz und Spiel
Meint, sie sei im Himmel.

Doch von dem Klaviere tönt
Ganz ein andrer Himmel;

Alle Morgen grüss ich ihn,
Nickt er mir vom Schimmel.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Poet)

An Uranius (1806)

Trocknet nicht, trocknet nicht,
Tränen der ewigen Liebe!
Ach, nur dem halbgetrockneten Auge
Wie öde, wie tot die Welt ihm erscheint!
Trocknet nicht, trocknet nicht,
Tränen unglücklicher Liebe!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Poet)

Wonne der Wehmut (1775)

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