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Merci de m’avoir fait rêver il y a trente ans. Et encore aujourd’hui. Avec Max. Avec ta poésie. Avec ta philosophie de la vie et des choses. Merci monsieur.

Maurice Bernard Sendak
Born in Brooklyn (New York) in 1928

“As a media monitoring body, we are requesting all radio stations to be responsible by stopping broadcasting these events live.”
Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority

Fine Spirits. New serie to be online Fall 2011.


A short break in the timeline

and I’ll be back on the track posting again first days of september.

It’s about time to celebrate love and life…


Un descanso en el guión

y vuelvo a postear transcendentadasprimeros dias de septiembre.

Ya va siendo hora de celebrar el amor y la vida…

“[The option of exile] is unthinkable and should only be the one of black-hearted people.”
Ai Weiwei


just updated!!

“You are extraordinary within your limits, but your limits are extraordinary!”
Gertrude Stein
in Everybody’s Autobiography (1937)

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