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“Of all the famous people, Marie Curie is the only uncorrupted by fame.”
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

“For the era of a so much desired european harmony  to occure, it is obvious that the conditions imposed by the winner do not allow any ferment of irreducible hostility against him.”
Louis Lumière (Inventor)

November 15th 1940
in Le Petit Comtoisère
but… also have a look at

“What can I say, today you have to be intellectually virtuous, okay regarding any conceptual relation and beyond any ideological suspicion.”
Alessandro Mercuri
in Peeping Tom (Éditions Léo Scheer 2011)

“In uns selbst liegen die Sterne unseres Glücks.”
Heinrich Heine (Poet)

glück: 1. happiness 2. luck 3. fortune 4. chance 5. good 6.  bliss 7. prosperity 8. felicity

“Lo cercano. Lo poco extraordinario. Lo normal. Y que es lo normal? Pues no lo sé; estoy buscandolo.”
Ricardo Cases (Photographer)

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