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Merci de m’avoir fait rêver il y a trente ans. Et encore aujourd’hui. Avec Max. Avec ta poésie. Avec ta philosophie de la vie et des choses. Merci monsieur.

Maurice Bernard Sendak
Born in Brooklyn (New York) in 1928

“I need you to… say: I’m in the one percent.”
Piers Morgan
CNN interview with Michael Moore

“The video was not reproduced  because apparently there was no connection for it and officials neither found the fast forward button.”
Carlos Sanchez Almeida (Attorney)

“No one can do everything that he’d wanted to. The key lies in choosing: sometimes the chance does that for you, sometimes it’s your personal decision, a third party, the fate … The important thing is to have done the best I could. Surely there is no life after death, but for sure there is a life before death, and it must be built as rich as we can.”
Jean-Claude Carrière

“Even classical composers who used trumpets, like Mahler, for example, didn’t write solo concerti for trumpet… So it was jazz players who showed that the trumpet could be poetic. I’ve been inspired by their risk taking.
Hakan Hardenberger

“Chaque modèle a ses avantages et ses inconvénients, d’où l’utilité de se plonger dans les fiches techniques et de poser les bonnes questions aux pros que vous contactez. Il faut savoir, par exemple, qu’une chaudière basse température n’est réellement performante que lorsque la maison est parfaitement isolée”
Georges-François Rey in Maison Magazine Printemps 2011
Detail from Leonardo’s San Juan Bautista (1515)

The holiest of all holidays are those
Kept by ourselves in silence and apart…

in Holidays by Henry Longfellow (1807-1882)

“[The option of exile] is unthinkable and should only be the one of black-hearted people.”
Ai Weiwei


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