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Joseph, el rebelde.
Poster for movie promoted by ATD Cuarto Mundo
on the birth and adventure of this ngo.

Check their work. It’s strictly necessary:



“(…) Doch jetzt sing ich, und ich habe
Volle Freude süss und rein,
Ja, ich gäbe diese Gabe
Nicht für aller Klöster Wein.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Poet)

from Mit einem gemalten Band (1770)

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The Beauty and the news…

“For the era of a so much desired european harmony  to occure, it is obvious that the conditions imposed by the winner do not allow any ferment of irreducible hostility against him.”
Louis Lumière (Inventor)

November 15th 1940
in Le Petit Comtoisère
but… also have a look at

“I’m a great fan of the absurd; I think it’s an extension of reality. I’ve always used the absurd in my books… The absurd pushes children to ask more questions. And it puts adults in a strange situation.”
Tomi Ungerer

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