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“No one can do everything that he’d wanted to. The key lies in choosing: sometimes the chance does that for you, sometimes it’s your personal decision, a third party, the fate … The important thing is to have done the best I could. Surely there is no life after death, but for sure there is a life before death, and it must be built as rich as we can.”
Jean-Claude Carrière


“Even classical composers who used trumpets, like Mahler, for example, didn’t write solo concerti for trumpet… So it was jazz players who showed that the trumpet could be poetic. I’ve been inspired by their risk taking.
Hakan Hardenberger

Plástico fantástico. Un calendario ilustrado
16 pag. 14X21cm. Couché 300g
PVP: 9€

La versión premium estará a la venta a partir del 19 de septiembre 2011.
La versión freemium estará online a partir del 6 de enero 2012.
The premium version will be available from September 19, 2011. Freemium version will be online from January 6, 2012.

Fine Spirits. New serie to be online Fall 2011.


A short break in the timeline

and I’ll be back on the track posting again first days of september.

It’s about time to celebrate love and life…


Un descanso en el guión

y vuelvo a postear transcendentadasprimeros dias de septiembre.

Ya va siendo hora de celebrar el amor y la vida…

“We must trust and have faith that the people who were capable of a great revolution are capable of a great renaissance.”
Hamdeen Sabahy

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