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“An Earl Grey with its bergamot notes is a perfect fit for a gin like Tanqueray, while lapsang souchong gives a hint of smoke to a rich, chocolate-heavy rum like Zacapa.”
Tom Aske (Fluid Movement)

“Además de las tasas de interés las autoridades tienen un amplio conjunto de herramientas que puede usar ante una desaceleración global.”
Rodrigo Vergara (Banco Central de Chile)

“Our worst fears are being realized… They keep coming up with more tools to use against us.”
Kenny Watkins (Farmer)

“The idea is to maintain the price or make it cheaper. The customer does not agree to buy if the price is too high. The challenge is to make products more sustainable and more accessible.”
Camila Valverde (Head of Walmart Sustainability Brazil),19781,walmart-detalhes-do-maior-projeto-de-sustentabilidade-do-varejo.htm

“My parents didn’t talk about where food came from.”
Megan McWilliams (Journalist)

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